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Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Weekend's Achievement

We've been up at Tim's parents (on the Central Coast) for the long weekend. Not that I want to live on the Central Coast, I don't, but I think you can tell that you live in the wrong place when you don't want to go home. However, since for the time being there's nothing I can change about my home, I shan't give in to feelings of melancholy. I have to come up with a plan to knock myself out of this feeling as it's wasteful. I like my house, I just wish it was my city house and not my actual home. I am a homebody, so it's a big problem really, that I don't want to be home.......

So what have I done this weekend that has been a step in the right direction or at least something that I imagine I would do in my real life?

Firstly, I experimented with making my own moisturiser. My mother had a recipe that she has made before which came from Jackie French many years ago, but it used Sorbolene cream which I think is disgusting. So I went to Sydney Essential Oil Company and had a look at their base creams. They only wholesale so I had to buy a lot of the stuff, but I figured that I use quite a bit of cream and I can split some with my mum so all in all I think it's cheaper in the long run. It worked out to be around $5 for 100mls, that's without any extra oils etc but still cheap. I didn't follow her recipe exactly and I then made another with a variation. The first recipe is below:

You need:
250gms of base cream. I weighed this out, it basically is a short fat jam jar.
3 x 500 IU Vitamin E capsules
1/2 tsp of Lavender essential oil ( I used organic French Lavender from SEOC)
20 drops of Chamomile essential oil ( I used Roman organic)
1/2 tsp of Apricot oil (again organic)

Sterilise the jar and anything else you are gong to use.
Pour the cream in the jar.
Pierce the capsules and tip them in the cream.
Then pour and drop the other oils in and stir them around until it's all blended in.
That's it. The thickness of the cream would be dependant on the type of cream. The Hydrating base cream from SEOC is thin and light, so it was perfect for me. Sorbolene almost makes a paste. Yuck! But I'm sure there are other creams you can use for base creams.

The second recipe I did was my own, plucking out other ingredients I have seen in books:

Same amount of cream as above
3 x 500 IU Vitamin E capsules
1/4 tsp of Lavender essential oil
5 drops of Chamomile essential oil
1/4 tsp of organic Jojoba oil
1/4 tsp of organic Almond oil

Mix all the oils into the cream and stir.

Both are good. I think I prefer the second one as the smell of Chamomile is not as strong and I don't think I'm fan of it. I gave the first one to Tim's mum. Next, I will move onto body cream. I think everyone might get a cream for Christmas. Anyway it was easy and all organic so hopefully I should start to look luminous and youthful in a day or so!