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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Is this where I should live?

Why is timing sometimes so hard to get right?

Here I am committed to the idea of moving, in..... say a year to 18 months time. The Blue Mountains currently on top of the list. Tim is keen. We've been talking about the how's and why's and so on, slightly more earnestly than we have in the past. We're going to Europe in September and having a baby in December plus planning a renovation on the back of our terrace which we're really excited about. And what should happen?

The perfect (on the surface) property has come to my attention! In Medlow Bath. An old orchard sitting right next to the escarpment that is reminiscent of Provence or the Cevennes region in France. It appears to be everything I've been looking for. The only problem is I found it last Sunday and it's up for auction this coming Sunday. I have done a bit of research and it probably is just what we want, but I think it's too soon. And what's annoying about that is this is the first time it's been offered for sale in 45 years. Why now??? Why couldn't they wait till next year? I mean they don't need the money surely. It was long ago paid for....

It's a funny block of land as it's actually 2 titles. One with a house on the edge of the escarpment and also 31 acres of escarpment (who would need to own the bushland when you can just look at it anyway?) and one with the orchard only, no house. That's the one I want.

You can see the Megalong Valley through the trees. So a little drama in the landscape, that is a bonus...

Actually when I was 18, I worked in this orchard for half a day. The man who owned it (in his late 60's or early 70's at the time) opened the door to me and my father in his underwear! Now if I were my dad and I delivered my 18 year old daughter to this man (at the appointed time) and was presented with that, no way would I leave her. But apparently my dad was ok with this as happily drove off!

Before I even got out to white wash his trees, I had to listen to him tell me that his wife no longer loved him and that he was unhappy, blah blah before being made to clean the bathroom while he stood at the door and watched! I remember him saying that I would clean the bedroom the following day.

Finally after all this we went out to the orchard to white wash. Anyway, after a while my hands were covered in the stuff so the creep took it upon himself to come and pop plums etc into my mouth. He must have felt very smooth. I was hating every minute of it and was wishing someone would come back to get me. But really, I must have been pretty naive or simple minded at the time to not punch his lights out, but I think I was just so astonished by him that I didn't know what to do. It was the time before mobile phones too so all I could do was wait till the time was up to call my dad.

Anyway, he wouldn't let me do that until he'd make me lunch (hot chips - so bachelor!) And while I was eating them my dad just turned up. He said he'd been worried all day that the guy had buried me under an apple tree. Why he let him potentially have a few hours head start is beyond me even to this day!

Obviously, no one has been white washing these tress for quite some time

A lovely stone wall at the end of the orchard with the valley again in the distance

Looking from west to east almost down the whole length. The land size is just over 1/2 an acre - perfect!

The chook shed. Or maybe our weekender with a lick of paint!

A view of the neighbour's house to the north. That's nice and discreet I think

Looking east to west. Cute non? Even on a cloudy day

Really I think it might be the one that got away. We might go the auction just to see. I worry that when the timing is right for us and we are ready, we won't be able to find the perfect place. I don't think there are many places like this around. Not that we could afford anyway. Medlow Bath is a funny little non-town but it's kind of nice. I don't want to live in mountains suburbia, butted up to some red brick pile with a colourbond fence! I want somewhere a little dramatic, somewhere that's in the sun so I can have chookies and a vege patch and let my kids run around where I can see them. Oh... plus blossoms, don't forget blossoms, they have been high on my list of priorities for years! Here I could bask in the glory of so many of them.

Please God, Allah and Buddha, let it be that no one else wants it and it gets passed in this weekend. And I promise to swear less and be more patient with everyone!

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